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Dean B

Gott in Himmel!

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Jun 17 17 2:05 PM

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The silence from Sincil Bank that is. Hopefully be a flourish next week.
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renewable energy poster

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Jun 22 17 9:43 PM

Not noticed it so far. The fact that 'the dates that Sky will announce which teams they will be featuring' is almost trending, suggests that there isn't a lot of news around.

Did notice in the local paper that Shrewsbury have signed Lenell John-Lewis and Jon Nolan. Their manager is Paul Hurst and there is a Grimsby feel to the 10 - 12 players they are looking to sign.

Was anyone else in the crowd when LJL scored his first goal and Peter Jackson threw his shirt in the crowd, only for LJL to ask for it back later in the week?

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